Thursday, January 14, 2010

Horror No. 50: Theft.

Libraries know theft. On both ends.

People love to steal from libraries. Maybe it's because we don't do anything to stop them. If we take any security measures at all, it's usually a five cent fine per day for an overdue fee. And who doesn't feel justified in stealing library books under those draconian conditions?

And on the other side, public libraries are often supported by taxes, and taxation for all good, free people is basically theft by the government. And there is nothing you can do about it, sez I, Ha! Ha!

Recently, I have seen stories about teams of criminals who steal from the librarians by having one member distract the librarian while the other goes through her desk or office or purse. But this recent story has someone stealing a painting from a law library in Scotland:
"'The painting was down in the basement by the toilets, but anyone going down there would have had to have had a ticket.'"
So the valuable watercolor (wait, watercolour) ‘I Cannae Hear Ye’ by artist, Tom Scott was taken from the basement by the toilets. Remember, this was a valuable painting. What do they keep in the main library lobby? Priceless sculptures?

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